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One the first day of moving in we noticed a strong mold odor in the bathroom. I noted on the check in sheet, and was told the problem would be fixed.

I was never called back after the initial complaint. I had to call again to get action on the check in agents promise to fix the mold smell. They sent a maintenance worker who said he didn't smell mold. At that point I was suffering from burning eyes, and sneezing attacks, so even though you couldn't see mold, the maintenance worker seemed to be afraid of reporting something that was going to result in having to investigate by removing the vanity to find the mold and the leak that was causing the mold. After insisting that something be done about the mold to management, they sent him back, he cut two holes in the walls took pictures, and plastered back in about five minutes. He reported no mold. He did not look in between the wall and the vanity, he came in the wall from the closet, and cut a hole above the toilet, neither place was anywhere where the extremely strong mold smell was coming from... in and around the vanity. Then Margie Johns said we owed $35 for the repair job. At that point I called code enforcement. Margie John's referred to her (DEBRA PHELPS) as "her girl" in an email to my son, (who is my roommate here, he is 23) So when Debra Phelps came to investigate she did not report she smelled mold. She said she smelled something coming from the vanity but would not classify it as mold. When she left I got an email from Margie John saying they would come with an Ozone generator. I googled ozone generator, and the available information on the internet warned that the process is an unsafe procedure that can leave health damaging molecules after the process. At that point, my eyes were burning worse, and I couldn't believe they were denying the mold smell. I have done home repairs for 15 years, I know mold when I smell it, so I pulled the bottom panel carefully from the vanity to have a look. The entire tile floor under the vanity, the particles boards were covered with black, white and yellow molds. Covered, and actively blooming, meaning growing tall a very visible. (I took pictures). The next day I felt sick. Emotionally drained from the frustration of having these people avoiding a drywall replacement job and a pluming job that would take be a day to complete. My eyes were burning and I felt like throwing up. I did research on the internet. The consensus I found is that they have 24 hours to remove the mold and make the home habitable. I also read that refusing to do so can result in jail time for criminal negligence. I went downstairs and decided to go ahead and remove the vanity, I filmed myself doing the job, which was easy, took five minutes, I carefully preserved the marble top and side pieces, and went ahead and broke apart the mold covered particle board vanity base. I took pictures of all of the pieces and the black, yellow and white molds covering the entire surface of the back of the vanity. The drywall was covered with black mold, and I took pictures of that also before I cut a hole to investigate the pipes. One of the pipes was wet. I am guessing condensation. The trap was also wet, and sealed with some kind of tacky sealant, and after I took the sink off the water coming from upstairs would run come out of the pipe in the 1/2 bath. I plugged the pipe and spent the entire night google plumbers code to try to figure out what could be causing the leaks, which in my best guess was the improper installation of the pipe works. I called back the manager, and let them know I found the mold. They came the next day, and said they would try to find another apartment. They came back and tried to take the moldy pieces (evidence) but I refused, and told them I needed them for evidence. My son got a message form the legal counsel of ball homes saying we owed them for destruction of property.

Consumer's Desired Resolution:

I want the bathroom mold remediated. I want the drywall and tiles, door and trim all removed. I want a professional plumber not affiliated with ball homes to assess what is causing the leak. I want the room then painted, and tiles replaced. I want the toilet caulked when it is replaced. I do not want to be charged for any of this. I want the rent for this month returned to us. I want the upper management of the company to be aware of the poor customer service their employees are giving, and I want some kind of admission that there is indeed a mold problem. Margie John denied it even when I held the mold covered board under a light and showed her. She denied the mold being present to my face because she was filming me without my permission. I could tell the way she was aiming her phone at me. She then lied to her attorney because he denies there is any mold or fault on the part of Ball Homes in the warning letter to my son. I want this review posted to the BBB site so other customers can be aware that this kind of activity is going on, so they will be encouraged to come forward and stand up for their rights as consumers.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service at Ball Homes and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $800 and wants Ball Homes to "fix the bathroom. it's a one day job to remove all of the tile, drywall, and fix the pipes, reinstall tile, drywall, and vanity and paint. no mold smell left after the job is done. first months rent refunded. no charges for doing the job".

The most disappointing in user's experience was that the denied and still denied that there is a mold problem. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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I see the yellow mold on the piece in the picture.

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